There is a place where time cannot be measured, but only tasted. Where every moment is made to be shared. Where a simple gesture is enough in order to be recognized and every little secret hides new discoveries. Cooking is merely an act of love. Thus we – CineFood – decided to narrate the tale of each dish through the universal language of images. Without restrictions or borders. Wherever you are, eating is never just about food. It is sitting down and feeling suddenly at home. We know that very well: we traveled the world on a quest for the perfect dish, from the Far East to California, amidst cultures, flavors and traditions. Each time we serve the stories of the people behind each dish with the purest ingredient of our uniqueness.

Cinefood is food like you have never seen before.

Mattia Alberani

Video Department

Filippo Cantoni

Photo Department

Gianmarco Sisti

Creative Department